Le Secret de Lapérouse is the name of the summer treasure hunt, on the theme of Tarn history and heritage. At stake, a superb gold coin dating from the reign of Louis XVI worth 1200 euros. The treasure is on display throughout the duration of the game at the Albi Tourist Office, where the person declared the winner will be invited to a prize-giving ceremony!

The Lapérouse secret: treasure hunt

The puzzles are accessible to all and do not require acute knowledge of history. You just need to be logical, curious and resourceful. To succeed in discovering the treasure, it is necessary to use the three maps that we provide and to decipher the text of the hunt. To reach the goal, you have to travel to various places in the Tarn department to discover clues that will lead you to a specific place where the seal of victory is hidden. The first person to find the seal in the right place wins the treasure, and the game ends.

The game is waiting for you. Give in to the taste of adventure and join the Secret de Lapérouse!

Participate in the treasure hunt

The rules of the game are simple: WATCH and LISTEN carefully to the video, everything is explained there!
Video: @bonsensproduction

The hunt takes place from Thursday June 29 to Saturday September 16 2023 included.

You can win a Louis XVI gold shield dated 1786 from a valueeur over 1 euros !

The lucky winner will receive the treasure on September 17, 2023! The treasure is on display at the Albi Tourist Office for as long as the treasure hunt lasts!
The hunt is totally free and without registration!

The 3 cards...

Use the maps here, remember to download them (and print them)

The 2023 theme

This year we have chosen the Albigensian navigator Lapérouse as the main theme of the hunt. His unfinished world tour leaves anyone with imagination the possibility of dreaming up some mysterious secrets. That's what we did with “Le secret de Lapérouse”.

We imagined that Lapérouse created a treasure hunt for the children he never had.

He tells us a story that serves as the basis for the puzzle of the game.

Who hasn't dreamed of discovering pirate or sailor treasure stranded on a paradise island?

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