“Twice upon a time”… is the name of the summer 2025 treasure hunt, on the theme of Tarn history and heritage. The result is a superb luxury piece of jewelry in solid silver and precious stones. The treasure is on display throughout the duration of the game at the Albi Tourist Office.

Once upon a time...: treasure hunt

The puzzles are accessible to everyone and do not require extensive knowledge of history. You just need to be logical, curious and resourceful. To successfully discover the treasure, you must use the beautiful drawing that we provide and decipher the text of the hunt. To achieve the goal, you must travel to various places in the Tarn department to discover more or less large monuments which will lead you to a precise code hidden in the drawing. The first three people to discover the code of each enigma (the Catholic and the Protestant), will compete during an evening which promises to be Dantean and which will see the big winner of the treasure hunt crowned!

The game is waiting for you. Give in to the taste of adventure!

Participate in the treasure hunt

The rules of the game are simple: WATCH and LISTEN to the video, everything is explained!
Video: @bonsensproduction

Yann Roques
TREASURE HUNT 2024 - Twice upon a time...

The hunt takes place from Saturday June 1 to Saturday August 31, 2024 included.

You can win a superb piece of jewelry in solid silver and precious stones!

The lucky winner will be presented with the treasure on Saturday September 7, 2024 during the big evening! The treasure is on display at the Albi Tourist Office for the duration of the treasure hunt!
The hunt is totally free and without registration!

The 2024 theme

This year we chose the Wars of Religion as the main theme of the treasure hunt. A troubled period in our history where people went to war, sometimes within the same family. But peace always triumphs in the end.

We imagined that two members of the same family, two cousins, set out in search of an old pendant, with two different goals but which will ultimately bring them together.

So, set off on an adventure in the lands of Tarn in the footsteps of these two souls in search of the sacred pendant!

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