The Ségala Carmausin circuit

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Nearby, one can find the Ségala Tarnais and discover the interesting mining history of the old Carmaux coal mine. The glass making museum is also in the Albi area and is worth a visit.

Discover a quiet and unspoilt area: The Ségala Tarnais!

  • For families who want to soak up local atmosphere, head to Monestiés. It's a small village full of character, classified as one of the most beauitful villages in France, nestled in the river Cérou valley. It's a medieval pearl! You can find playbooks for children which help them discover the village's well kept secrets... both sacred and contemporary art in the heart if a 1000 year old village. 


  • Then, take the road to Carmaux, a town located at the heart of local history and a famous person: Jean Jaurès! Stroll through the city centre and see the industrial past of this mining town.


  • A word of advice: the perfect time to go is on a Sunday morning - it's the Sunday market. 


  • The Mining museum is a must-do! It's an unforgettable experience for all ages - you can visit the tunnels and galeries... it takes you back in time! The musuem is temporarily closed in 2021 for renovation. 


  • In order for everyone to let off steam after all these cultural visits, Cap Découverte is the perfect place to have a bit of fun! There are a mulitude of activites: moutain biking, swimming, paint balling, paddle boarding, wakeboarding... Plenty of fun and relaxing things to do in the heart of the Ségala Tarnais. 

This day itinerary has been suggested by Mickaël, Destination Expert at the Albi Tourist Office. Don't hesitate to contact us for new recommendations! 


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Rayonner en Albigeois-circuit Segala Tarnais-mise au Tombeau de Monesties-Albi Tourisme.jpg, par Fabienne