Visiting Albi is great! You also need to take a relaxing break to enjoy the surrounding nature, let off steam, do an activity, go hiking or even put your feet in the water.
There is no shortage of ideas for a fun stopover by the river, swimming or having fun on inflatable structures, taking a short hike, renting a bike, etc.

On the nature side: Parks, gardens

Le Rochegude Park allows you to observe trees, animals and let off steam in the playground, the banks are conducive to relaxation and sport, Pratgraussals leisure center is the green lung of the city, you can run there, fish, picnic, rest. From the palace gardens in the spring, one can observe the peregrine falcons which nest in the bell tower of the cathedral.
We also like... follow a audio-guided tour between heritage and nature…

Idea for the clever

During the visit in the cbetween history, we can only spot these refreshing fountains:

  • On the Place du Vigan, the fountain with 81 water jets,
  • On Place Lapérouse, the Encircle fountain water pavilion with 720 jets

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