The mission is important! Discover a new city, build your memory with your holiday memories and above all remember the pleasure of discovery and the good times spent with your family. Visiting Albi with the family is cool!

Albi Tourism

Headphones on, eyes wide open, let's go for a little train ride

It's leaving for a moment of history. An excellent opportunity to learn for example … why the tower of the Saint-Salvi collegiate church is called a jug, from the Occitan “gachar”: “to watch”. This XNUMXth century brick tower is a watchtower from which the watchman watched for fires or storms that could threaten the city. He also signaled daybreak and nightfall by blowing a horn three times through each window in the tower.

Get on board, find out more

Albi Tourism
Albi differently from a barge cruise on the Tarn - in summer

The barges formerly transported goods because there was a port in Albi. Today, they transport visitors. Today new boats are sailing on the Tarn to appreciate the calm of the river, the incredible views of the bridges and the episcopal city, wildlife : herons, birds of prey, bee-eaters, migrating birds and sometimes even wild boar swimming across.

Follow the adventures of little Jeannot in the historic center of Vieil Alby

Albi Tourism

Get into Treasure Hunter mode in Albi!

The result is a treasure hunt to follow in the historic center, moments of sharing with your tribe to solve the enigma.

1 box for 4 people maximum

A fun discovery formula recommended for 6/7 year olds

With Treasure Hunters Box, it is a treasure hunt to discover Albi that we offer you. This course will involve the family in solving riddles or observations in order to help the Little Jeannot to solve his dilemma… a course of 1h30 on average.
This formula perfectly meets the desire to visit Albi in a fun way, with family or friends, for an original and funny discovery that will work the brain and allow you to look up and be interested in the details that are so easy to miss .

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