The Tarn Valley Circuit

Explore the area around Albi, follow the Tarn Valley and stroll along the river upstream. Combine your stops to admire the architecture and the green landscapes of the valley. Why not have a swim in the Tarn waters? Enjoy your visit in the Albi region!


This itinerary includes a 70km loop walk along the Tarn together with water sport activities.

  • To access the starting point, take the road along the Tarn towards Millau/Saint-Juéry and cross the long narrow tunnel to reach the peninsula of Ambialet, named a "Village of Character" in 2018. It is the narrowest isthmus in Europe. 


  • Start the beauitful, sunny day with a short hike along the pathway "Sentier des Cabanes" (9 kms). You'll pass through fields, woods, and even climb some hills, but it's definitely worth it! You'll find yourself lookinh at the most beautiful panoramic view of the Tarn Valley. 

For those who would prefer to be slightly more lazy, take the "Chemin de la Croix' in Ambialet. It starts at the foot of the village and gently climbs the hill to another viewpoint overlooking the valley. In the summer, guided tours are organised by the Tourist Office. 

  • Obvisouly, you'll be in need of food after a long hike! So there's nothing better than a picnic by the riverbank. 


  • After to food stop, make your way to the base of the village to have some fun! Rent kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, etc and make the most of the river.


  • To end the day, on the return to Albi, take the car and stop off at "Les Avalats", a calm beach area on the riverbank. It's the perfect place to make the most of the late afternoon sun. 

This day itinerary has been suggested by Isabella, our Destination Expert. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more suggestions!

Pays Albigeois Bastides - je déconnecte dans le Tarn 3/3 - Albi Tourisme, par Fabienne


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Rayonner en Albigeois-musee-Saut-du-Tarn-Saint Juery-Tourisme industriel-Albi Tourisme.jpg, par Fabienne