The Tarn Valley Circuit

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Explore the area around Albi, follow the Tarn Valley and stroll along the river upstream. Combine stops to admire the architecture and the green landscapes of the valley. Would you have a swim in the Tarn waters? Enjoy your visit in the Albi region!


We suggest you a trip idea with a start from Albi for a stroll all day long (you can have a picnic on the Tarn riverbanks) or for the half of the day.
Au programme : to have a walk along the Tarn river, to stroll next to the meanders, to get into nature at the doors of the city and to enjoy sport and water activities.

  • Albi ;
  • Lescure (5km towards Rodez), a medieval village on the outskirts of Albi. Don't miss the Roman church of St. Michael (11th century) with its very ornate portal, the clock tower and the rests of the ramparts from Middle-Ages ;
  • Saint-Juéry (5km towards Millau), the "Saut de Sabo" site with its 18-metre natural fall, offers a chaotic and unique show ;
    The Museum of the Tarn Falls is a unique place which regularly hosts original events ;
  • Trébas (26km towards Ambialet) is an holiday resort that offers supervised swimming areas in the summer. It is the ideal departure point for travelling along the Tarn river by canoe ;
  • The peninsular of Ambialet  (11km towards the Tarn Valley) is a shale outcrop surrounded by a 3km meander of the Tarn and dominated by a Romanesque priory where the view of the valley and green landscapes are striking ;
  • Come back through the Avalats, where you can swim in natural swimming pools ;
  • Albi

Pays Albigeois Bastides - je déconnecte dans le Tarn 3/3 - Albi Tourisme, par Fabienne


Rayonner en Albigeois-musee-Saut-du-Tarn-Saint Juery-Tourisme industriel-Albi Tourisme.jpg

Rayonner en Albigeois-musee-Saut-du-Tarn-Saint Juery-Tourisme industriel-Albi Tourisme.jpg, par Fabienne