Explore around Albi and opt for a day in the Center Tarn, a nature circuit par excellence and on the road to the dovecotes. Come and immerse yourself in the authenticity of a true and preserved nature, far from the main tourist axes. Enjoy your Albigensian stroll!


Realmont Market

Realmont Market

  • My first piece of advice: Plan your getaway on a Wednesday! And find out... Realmont market

This open-air market / small live poultry market takes place all year round, on Wednesday mornings.
Fixed by the founding charter to Wednesday since 1272, the Réalmont market is a Unmissable meeting in the heart of the Tarn and reputed to be one of the most beautiful.
At the crossroads of the territory's trade routes, in the heart of a dynamic countryside, producers and merchants have a taste for authentic, quality products!
Shoppers and gourmets are not mistaken and come every week to satisfy their taste buds, exchange news and feast their eyes!

Realmont Market

Bancalié Lake

  • After filling your basket with delicacies, how about a picnic break at the Bancalié lake

A "fresh" break in a green setting. Take advantage of the shade of a holm oak to taste cheeses, charcuterie, “ducks” and other seasonal fruits
After lunch, you can take advantage of it for a sporty afternoon with the possibility of practicing on site: Sailing, fishing, canoeing

Bancalié Lake

The Arifat Waterfalls


Equip yourself with good shoes and walk the path that leads at the Arifat Waterfalls
Green, wild, preserved! A sporty walk in a setting classified as “sensitive natural”

arifat waterfall

Or to the site of Bézan
Bucolic setting with trees and shade, games for children
Capture this exceptional panorama in late afternoon light.

The unusual discoveries of the Tarn Center

Off the beaten track, a pleasant discovery!
Charming little village with a magnificent square lined with cutlery, its well and its church

Leaving Labessonnié by the Lacaune road, on the right hand side, there is a simple sign “Notre-Dame de Ruffis, XNUMXth century church”.
“It seems very old, touching in its simplicity, it must always have been poor and humble, no trace of art, no notable memory. But the thickness of the walls attest to its antiquity”
A little marvel, at the bend of a path...

1700 feathered houses in the Tarn department!
A distant heir to the Roman colombarium, the dovecote was intended in the Middle Ages for the breeding of domestic pigeons for their consumption (tender flesh, droppings called Columbine) and racing pigeons
An outward sign of wealth, these little marvels of architecture, treasures of our countryside, represent the symbolic heritage of our department.

Do you know the American Rhea? the chile whistler? Or the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo?
No ? NO ! We are not in the depths of the Amazon but indeed in the heart of the Tarn
A Noah's ark where reptiles, meerkats, parrots, giant hens, marmosets, geese, wallabies, etc...

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