THE Tourist Office Boutique, located in the heart of Albi, reveals its most beautiful secrets to you for the end of year celebrations. As if by magic, enter the world of Christmas and let yourself be surprised by hundreds of gift ideas!

Albi Tourism

This year again, the elves of The shop have decided to surprise you! To everyone’s delight, surprise boxes have been created with our partners!


The Christmas festivities are fast approaching, and what could be better than gifts imbued with the authenticity of our beautiful region? ?? Go to the Albi Tourist Office boutique, where a carefully chosen selection of gift ideas and regional products awaits you.

Discover local treasures, unique artisanal creations, and gourmet delights that will make the eyes of your loved ones shine. ?✨ From local crafts to gourmet delights, find the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list.

A touch of very Albigensian style

the Twilly, the new essential accessory.
Wrap yourself in this burst of colors and refined patterns that capture the spirit of the city. Whether you wear the Twilly around your neck, wrist or even on your bag, it is the centerpiece that expresses French chic. A unique way to wear Albi with grace and modernity. This delicate silk scarf presents pretty references to our beautiful Episcopal City.

Exclusive and limited edition with only 70 copies! A collaboration with @neem_twilly

A top 5 gift boxes, for the pleasure of giving and to inspire you

We design with you the gift box of your choice. Ask us, our ideas will delight you!

Gift boxes inspired by the Albi Tourisme souvenir factory
Albi Tourism


The Game Night box!

A box designed for a great evening around the Tarn game Besieged !

  • “Besieged”: collaborative game imagined by two Albigensians. “Hold the siege of the medieval city”
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Red Wine Bottle Sketch

Box partners:
Ass CastelRoc/ Yves Thuriès / Domaine Rotier

Games box €34,99

Gift boxes inspired by the Albi Tourisme souvenir factory
Albi Tourism


The Awakening of the Tastes box

An original cocktail, gourmet chocolates and one of the star Christmas treats.

  • 1 bottle Aunty's Punch Cocktail
  • 1 candied orange nougat
  • 1 paving stones of Sainte Cécile

Box partners: Julien Gayraud / Papilles Cocktails / Fabrique Gourmande

Taste bud awakening box €53.50

Gift boxes inspired by the Albi Tourisme souvenir factory
Albi Tourism


The Whiskey Tasting box

Cozy and cozy atmosphere for this box dedicated to Whiskey lovers! Combined with Sidobre ice cubes and Belin grape chocolates, this set will offer an ideal tasting moment during this festive period.

  • Chocolate Raisin 100g
  • Sidobre Ice Cube Box
  • Whiskey 350ML Berbie

Box set partners: Michel Belin / Villanova / On the Rocks

Tasting box €59.90

Gift boxes inspired by the Albi Tourisme souvenir factory
Albi Tourism


The gourmet white box

A box full of delicacies with a bottle of 100% Gaillac sweet white wine. A perfect atmosphere for the Christmas holidays!

  • Château Larroze, soft white
  • Apricot Jam 50g
  • Entier foie gras 150g

Partners: Château Larroze, la Confiturière / Ferme de Rayssaguel

Gourmet white box €34,99

Gift boxes inspired by the Albi Tourisme souvenir factory
Albi Tourism


Pastel Box

A box set around new uses of pastel oil.

  • Hand cream 30ml
  • Home fragrance
  • Omega soap

Partners: Graines de Pastel / Free mousse

Pastel box €45,99

Albi Tourism

Gifts for young and old

What if you offered a weekend box in Albi?

Themed stay boxes: Cécile and Henri’s trips
the essentials, vintage, gourmet trip or green trip or the very last: the trip in the vineyards.
We offer 2 day/1 night packages for an unforgettable stay in the heart of the Episcopal City.

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