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Staying in Albi: hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, campsites...
Brigitte Crepin – Gite Albi


Accommodation in the heart of the Episcopal City

Hotel, bed and breakfast, vacation rental… put your bags down in the heart of the city of Albi

Accommodation in hyper center

Albi - Albi Carnival and parade of monumental floats
Albi Tourism


The carnival

For the February school holidays, the expected event is of course Carnival. Funfair, large parade of monumental floats made in Albi, the city is adorned with confetti

Albi Carnival

Good deals 2023 in Albi, heading Destination Albi!
Big Stone


Good tips for the destination

Spotlight to reserve your dates and enjoy cultural and sporting events.

Destination Albi 2024: our tips

Guided tours for schools in Albi with the Albi Tourist Office


The Curio’Cité of the month

Take a keen look at a section of heritage thanks to the comments of a tour guide, visit Albi with children thanks to lively and fun tours, be able to enjoy a new visit every month...

The Curiosity of the month

Albi panoramic view of the Madeleine district
Albi Tourism


Let's share good ideas for visiting Albi

Explore further, appreciate the heritage and stroll through the city, sit around a good table, unpack your bags and extend the visit...

How to visit Albi?

Petticoats and Froufrous - Albi thematic guided tour


Summer meetings

Move to the rhythm of summer activities,

  • the City of Albi offers free stages throughout the season,
  • guided tours give meaning and pleasure to young and old alike, to sharpen their curiosity or deepen their knowledge
  • sailing on the Tarn, traveling on a little train, walking on the discovery and hiking trails...

Move to the rhythm of summer

Where to eat in Albi, good restaurant addresses
Sommelier’s Table Albi – D Pestre


Gourmets' corner

Albi is no exception to the tradition of good restaurants in the South-West. Delighting your taste buds is part of a successful visiting or simply sharing experience.

These are also the corners reserved for gourmets.


Albi - Walks and hikes in Albi and the Tarn
Albi Tourism


Are you more into walking or hiking?

Visit itineraries to follow at your own pace in the city, walks or sports courses on the Echappée verte or on the Leisure bases, hikes on the marked trails around Albi... more than 30 proposals selected for you

Are you walking or hiking?

The-vintage-trip-to-Albi-by-Cecile-et-Henri - ideas for weekends and short stays in Albi
Albi Tourism – Prunch Albi


“Cécile et Henri”: the new brand of stay in Albi

“Cécile and Henri’s trips” are the brand of Albigensian overnight + visit + restaurant getaways organized for you by the Tourist Office.
To make it easier for you to organize a successful trip every time, the destination experts are at your side!

Cécile and Henri, the experts for your Albigensian trips


Albigensian words

The floor is given to local tourism stakeholders who, through their portrait and their testimony, are keen to present themselves and talk about their activity.

Albigensian words

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