To visit and appreciate Albi is also to get some fresh air, to take advantage of the surrounding and generous nature. After the heritage or gourmet discoveries, comes the time for walks, sports or leisure activities. Visiting an animal park, strolling in the park punctuate the Albigensian holidays.

Albi Tourism
Panoramic walk in the gardens of the Palace in Albi

Direction the palace gardens or Rochegude Park : they are both classified as Remarkable Gardens.
The walkway in the gardens of the Palais de la Berbie offers a panoramic view of the banks of the Tarn and Madeleine district.

Take to the skies and become a passenger in the wind… does the experience tempt you? Embark aboard a hot air balloon and fly away in the Tarn sky. On reservation

Hot air balloon flight from Albi - become passengers of the wind!
Greenway at the gates of Albi

Heading for the Voie Verte: sneakers on foot or by bike
On the one hand, the Human Rights Path : on the old railway line linking the towns of Albi and Castres. Departure: Albi side, takes place in the town of Puygouzon located on the RD71 1,5 km from the Gamm vert roundabout. Distance: 44 km – Difficulty: easy – Safe hike ideal for families.
the other, the path of the miners : connects Albi to Carmaux via Cap'Découverte. This path was used in the past to bring
coal from the Cagnac mines to the Pélissier thermal power station.
Distance: 12,5 km – Difficulty: medium – Departure: park in the small car park next to the Gaillaguès waste disposal centre.

Do you know the green escape ? The starting point of the circuit is a stone's throw from the cathedral. After a visit to the city, what could be more pleasant than to immerse yourself in nature in the heart of the city. 4 km of hiking in a natural and preserved environment.

Discover also at the detour paths around Albi, the small built heritage of our territory: water mills, dovecotes, crossroads, old washhouses. These routes are accessible to walkers and mountain bikers.

Hiking around Albi, walks in Albigensian
Albi Tourism
A summer in Albi

We prepare our gourmet basket and we picnic!
- on the Pratgraussals leisure center : ideal for picnicking with tables, barbecues and planchas.
- in the Castelnau park, here you can picnic on the grass!
- on the banks of the Tarn, at the foot of Berbie Palace, by the river with a superb panorama in the background
- on board of the barge on the occasion of the Midi Cruise

Visit Albi differently with an outing in paddle. An experience to share with family, friends but also to enjoy alone.
Starting point from the Pratgraussals leisure base.

Albi Tourism
Visit Albi differently! Paddle, cruise on the Tarn

Opt for a multimodal adventure on the GR736. From Mont Lozère, the Tarn river makes its way over more than 300 km. From Villefort to Albi, the route follows the course of the river, inviting you to discover landscapes as different as each other, closely linked to geological history.

Tarn Valley

As the water flows

Whitewater swimming at Trébas Plage in the Tarn Valley. The blue flag is hoisted, swimming supervised : More information

Find ideas for swimming and activities in Albi and near Albi

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