Why not dedicate a weekend to discover an entire area listed as World Heritage, 4 historic districts around two brick giants: the Sainte-Cécile cathedral (XNUMXth-XNUMXth century) and the Berbie palace (XNUMXth century). ) ? The bridges in May are very tempting not to plan a trip to Albi!

Ground floor

At your service for a wonderful getaway in Albi

  • Choose the theme you like: heritage, gastronomy, sports activity, show...
  • or ask us for a tailor-made stay!

Albigensian, Tarn or elsewhere… become our VIP guests, and discover the Episcopal City during a stay. "Wow" effect guaranteed!

Cathar Tacot
Albi on the vintage side, visit with the Tacot Cathare and its 2CV

Discover Albi in a retro atmosphere? Why not.
We offer “a trip for two…” not in Italy as the words of a famous song suggest, but in Albi. Your stay in a bed and breakfast will be tinted with “vintage” notes and the guided tour of the city will be done with a timeless car: the 2CV!

And if you take a “historical-gourmet” break? The opportunity to combine discovery of the city and renowned tasty restaurants, a sweet break at Michel Belin, one of the 10 best chocolate makers in France, and the discovery of regional products from producers/artisans, live on the stalls of the covered market!

City of ALbi
Gourmet Albi with Michel Belin Chocolates

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