45 minutes separate the two red and pink brick towns. Whether you come by train, car or carpool, Albi is at the gates of Toulouse and is an excellent local destination for spending a few hours, a day or a weekend. There are many things to do, come meet us in Albi.

The assets of Albi, 1 hour from Toulouse

Visitors can count on a pool of nuggets in each of these destinations. Albi and Toulouse share this art of living in the South-West, where conviviality, markets and gastronomy find their place. These cities have in common a strong cultural and architectural heritage that one never tires of (re)discovering with each new getaway. Albi is waiting for you for your next outing idea!

Shopping in the heart of Albi, a stone's throw from Toulouse

Shopping in Albi, 1 hour from Toulouse

The charm of the urban center is based on these pedestrian and shopping streets that roll up and regroup near Sainte-Cécile Cathedral.
The heart of town, shopping is on a human scale: shopping, catering outlets, of places to visit mingle to the delight of walkers.

Two days in Albi, a weekend at the gates of Toulouse

4 stay boxes for a trip under the “Cécile et Henri” brand

The Albi Tourist Office has created a new brand of stay for your weekends: The trips of Cécile and Henri.

Be curious, discover the 4 boxes without further ado.

Cécile and Henri's trips, great weekend deals in Albi!

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