How about a unique souvenir of your visit to the heart of the episcopal city of Albi?! Share your most beautiful selfies with the #selfiexxlalbi!

Your XXL selfie from Place Sainte-Cécile!

Visitors as well as Albigensians who follow social networks will appreciate the new XXL selfie device installed by the City of Albi. It is located on the Place Sainte-Cécile, in order to allow you to capture beautiful moments of visits, moments of tourist, Albigensian, professional sharing and all this, in an original way. A sensor is positioned in the square, it's time to go to the spot to activate the device and take your best selfie. After a few minutes, you will receive the video of this captured moment in your mailbox. (Sometimes, some email operators can direct the email to “undesirables”)

How to do it ?

This shooting system to trigger with your smartphone. The principle is very simple: go to the spot on Place Sainte-Cécile, near the entrance to the Palais de la Berbie.

  • scan the QR-Code placed on the information plaque located on the penultimate pillar of Place Sainte-Cécile, towards the palace
  • trigger your selfie from your smartphone.
  • register your email address to receive the video for free.

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