Inmersive Tour of Albi

Albi-visite-virtuelle, en 360.jpg
Albi Tourist Office offers a virtual visit: immerse yourself totally in the City and the important monuments of the Episcopal City. Fly over, dive down, zoom in, open the Cathedral’s big doors… Free to all.

An immersive tour as if you were there! 

The virtual HD visit in 360° captures these destinations…

Historical centre. 

Albi visite virtuelle - la cite-episcopale.jpg

Albi visite virtuelle - la cite-episcopale.jpg, by Fabienne

Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, the biggest brick-built Cathedral in the world.

Albi visite virtuelle -cathedrale-ste-cecile.jpg

Albi visite virtuelle -cathedrale-ste-cecile.jpg, by Fabienne

 Saint-Salvi Cloister, a haven of peace in the heart of the historical centre. 

Albi visite virtuelle -collegiale-saint-salvi.jpg

The covered Market Hall, a meeting point for gourmets of local produce. 

Albi visite virtuelle --marche-couvert.jpg

The Tarn riverbanks, a place to relax, much appreciated by the locals and visitors.

Albi visite virtuelle - berges-du-tarn.jpg

Albi visite virtuelle - berges-du-tarn.jpg, par Fabienne

Albi from the boat. 

Albi visite virtuelle croisière en-gabarre sur le Tarnjpg

The « Echappée Verte », an urban trail on the GR 36. 

Albi visite virtuelle - berges-du-tarn.jpg

Pause Guitare Festival.

Albi visite virtuelle - festival Pause-Guitare.jpg

Albi visite virtuelle - festival Pause-Guitare.jpg, by Fabienne

Nuit Pastel « Pastel evening », a Spring get-together for the locals.

Albi visite virtuelle- Animation Nuit-Pastel.jpg

Albi visite virtuelle- Animation Nuit-Pastel.jpg, by Fabienne

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