L'Etoile d'Orient


L'Etoile d'Orient is an invitation to the flavours of the East, close to the Cathedral, opposite the indoor market
Opposite the indoor market in Albi, the Etoile d'Orient, with more than twenty years of experience, offers you "Mother's" homemade cooking, from the entry to the dessert. On the menu, choose from couscous, a choice of tagines, chorba, date makroudhs, tcharek pastries. The speciality: the chef's recipe with almonds and citrus!

In the summer, enjoy beautiful grilled dishes, mixed salads.

The restaurant has been recognised with the 'artisan' label.

Reservation is highly recommanded for the night.
Catégorie :
Foreign specialities
Culinary speciality :
Oriental cuisine / Halal cuisine / offers dishes "homemade"



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Facilities and services

Restaurant / Takeaway/cooked dishes
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