The Albi Tourist Office is an association under the 1901 law, administered by a Board of Directors and an office. It is classified 1st category, marked Quality Tourism and is structured around 15 employees. The commercial pole is an approved incoming travel agency.


President: Isabelle MARTIALSecretary: Brigitte LESAGETreasurer: Daniel PLASSON
Vice President; Loic BORIEAssistant Secretary :
Christophe BOUYSSOU
Deputy Treasurer: Maëly ALMALRIC
members of the office of the Albi Tourist Office

The statutes provide for meeting the office as needed.

Board of directors

The statutes provide for the Board of Directors to meet at least twice a year. To ensure good representation of all trades related to tourism and members of civil society, the Board of Directors is made up of several colleges:

  • College of Accommodation Professionals (Hotels, campsites, chalets, bed and breakfast, furnished, collective, etc…),
  • Colleges of economic partners (Shops, restaurants, bars, transport and logistics companies, etc.),
  • College partners in culture, heritage, sport, entertainment, events, and leisure
  • College made up of civil societies (Natural or legal persons supporting the general interest in the development of the tourism sector and intervening in an individual capacity without commercial, political or religious character)

College 1: Hosts

4 members

  • The Sainte-Cécile tower – Mrs. Maely AMALRIC
  • The Domaine du Buc – Mrs. Brigitte LESAGE
  • Hotel Ibis Style le Théatro – Mr. Loïc BORIE
  • The other Shores – Mrs. Isabelle MARTIAL

College 3: Culture

2 members

  • House of Old Alby – Mr. Gérard ALQUIER
  • Albi expo – Mr Yvo MATHA

Elected officials of the City of Albi

7 members

  • Ms Stéphanie GUIRAUD-CHAUMEIL, Mayor
  • Mrs. Marie-Louise AT
  • Mr Michel FRANQUES
  • Mrs Florence FABRE
  • Ms Marie-Pierre BOUCABEILLE
  • Mr Jean-Michel QUINTIN
  • Mr Mathieu VIDAL

College 2: Economic partners

3 members

  • Clos Sainte-Cécile – Mrs Isabelle ARGUEL 
  • Maison Labastide- Mr GATIGNON
  • Blue Ribbon Group – Mr Christophe BOUYSSOU

College 4: Civil society

5 members

  • Mr Claude COUGOULE
  • Ms. Jacqueline MATHA
  • Mr François PAPAIX
  • Mr. Daniel PLASSON
  • Mr Serge VINCENT

Ex officio members

2 members

  • Sainte-Cécile cathedral – Father Paul DE CASSAGNAC
  • Toulouse-Lautrec Museum –

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