The Fashion Museum

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One of the main identities of the Fashion Museum is to present a completely new exhibition every two years, always centred on a different theme.
Each exhibit is then returned to its reserve. The museum presents clothes and accessories from the private collection of Dominique Miraille, from the end of the 17th century to the 2000s.
In 2022, the fashion museum will present "10 years", the anniversary exhibition.

"10 years" : the anniversary exhibition

The Fashion Museum displays a completely new collection of clothes from the 18th century to the late 1990's.

    "10 years" is the theme of the new exhibition to be discovered from 30 March.
    Not only will you not come back... But I believe you will return!
    Dominique Miraille - collector

In 2022, the Albi Fashion Museum celebrates 10 years of exhibiting unique and emblematic pieces. No theme is therefore attached to this exhibition.

Showing 250 year old costumes, exhibiting fragile materials miraculously spared by time, talking about historical events thanks to costumes and accessories, having fun with small unusual objects... these are the collector's aims and challenges.

    "For ten years now, I have been talking about remarkable, rare, historic and incredible pieces that are rarely seen in museums. So I thought that an anniversary like ours was a good opportunity to bring out these exceptional pieces from the reserves." DM


The Fashion Museum is located in a part of the former Annociades' Convent whose architectural traces are still visible: spiral staircase, Gothic doors, vaulted cellar... The building itself is worth the detour. It is situated in the heart of Albi’s heritage, an area full of history: the Saint-Julien district.


Just next to the museum, a fun boutique offers original, yet still very affordable pieces: vintage clothing and jewellery, haberdashery, lace and antique fabrics and also catalogues and postcards from past exhibitions.


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Opening hours

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 2:30pm - 6:00pm.
  • Appointments only in the morning.

Entrance fees

  • Full rate: 6€
  • Albi City pass: 5€
  • Reduced rate: 4€
  • Free for under 8 year olds
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