The 2023-2027 master plan

Since 2018, the Albi Tourist Office has adopted a master plan which has allowed it to anchor its actions in a clear, ambitious roadmap validated by its governing bodies. The Albi Tourist Office has been able to consolidate its position in the heart of a renowned tourist destination. At the time of the implementation of the NOTRe Law for communities, the city of Albi had chosen to keep its municipal Tourist Office, emphasizing its upcoming classification as a classified resort. This choice demonstrated the City's desire to affirm that tourism policy, which is based on a major heritage and cultural offer, is a strong economic issue for Albi which must be able to rely on a structured, organized and reinforced tourist offer. For this 2d master plan covering 2023-2027, the multi-annual action program was co-constructed by involving local stakeholders, that is to say those who participate in the attractiveness of the destination, those who live there, those who feel involved in the missions of the tourism office.
5 areas to develop are reinforced :

  • Reception of excellence
  • cultural mediation
  • sustainable tourism
  • digital promotion
  • network animation

Some important dates

➢ April 2018: Installation of the new Tourist Office reception at 42 rue Mariès
➢ June 2018: Classification in category 1
➢ September 2018: Classification of the city of Albi as a Tourist Municipality
➢ December 2019: Signature of the Grand Site d’Occitanie “Albi – Vallée du Tarn” agreement
➢ January 2020: Classification of the city of Albi as a classified tourist resort
➢ December 2020: The Albi Tourist Office obtains the Qualité Tourisme mark
➢ July 2021: Integration of the back office in redeveloped premises at the Palais de la Berbie
➢ April 2023: renewal of Tourism Quality certification
➢April 2024: Tourism and Handicap labeling for the 4 disabilities

The strategy of the Tourist Office

or rather the strategies of the Tourist Office, they are developed around precise and complementary registers: Tourism Quality, Hospitality, development and marketing, promotion and communication, animation.

  • Quality policy strategy of the Tourist Office
  • Reception Strategy
  • Store development strategy
    and product choice policy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Promotion and communication strategy
    Social media strategy
  • Socio-professional animation strategy

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