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A collection of 41 Great Sites in Occitania

Albi et the Tarn Valley are part of this beautiful collection of Major sites Occitanie South of France. It is a unique collection in France illustrating the diversity and remarkable heritage, cultural, natural and historical richness of our region. There are places, atmospheres, landscapes that we always remember. Villages, towns, sites that we are surprised to discover and where we are happy to return. This is the case of Toulouse, Rocamadour, de Conques or Pic du Midi, magical settings for a day or a longer stay.

Grand Site Albi, Tarn Valley

What is a Large Site?

Un “Grand Site Occitanie / South of France” is a place of strong reputation with remarkable architectural and/or natural heritage or a cultural site (long-lasting cultural event) of international influence and particularly having one or more component(s) of exceptional character (known as the emblematic heart of the Grand Site).

Albi, a guaranteed favorite

Located in the Tarn department, Albi is one of the major destinations from Occitania, 4th tourist region of France. Discovering this brick city will not leave you indifferent, we can assure you.

Albi is also a treasure of nature and activities :

  • Surpass yourself by bike on the Greenway,
  • Hike on one of the 18 routes around Albi or to the GR 736
  • Take a walk with the family or go joggingr the Green Escape,
  • Dominate the banks of the tarn from the palace gardens
  • Have fun and picnic at Pratgraussals on the banks of the Tarn, skateboard
  • Opt for a audio tour, nature and heritage
  • Continue your green adventure and go up the Tarn Valley towards Ambialet..

At the gates of Albi, the great green of the Tarn Valley

The bed of this Tarn river will take you upstream 20 minutes from Albi, in the heart of wilder nature, the Tarn Valley, up to the meander which embraces the Ambialet peninsula. This village has the particularity of being built on the most pronounced isthmus in Europe. In this setting of soothing greenery and conducive to sporting activity, you will not have trouble convincing yourself of a short 2-hour trip by canoe to the Roc Blanc in Marsal, by electric bike, or on the back of a donkey. , a fishing trip or even a visit to the farm.
After the urban charm of Albi, we connect to the beauty of the landscapes by following the bed of the Tarn river ; The Tarn, a majestic river, crosses several departments from Lozère to Tarn-et-Garonne, offering visitors superb landscapes. In the continuity of the Gorges du Tarn and the Raspes, the Tarn Valley, from Millau to Albi, calls for well-being, healing and the discovery of nature.

WE love !

Hike on one of the most beautiful routes: the Cabannes trail in Ambialet with a view of the peninsula (part of it is located on the GR36) or rent electrically assisted bicycles on site to explore the valley effortlessly.

And if you continued your visit to the Grands Sites with new stops near Albi…

Albi is one of the 8 UNESCO sites in Occitania

Albi Tourism
The Pont-vieux d'Albi in augmented reality with Timescope

La Episcopal city of Albi is also at the center of a prestigious circuit of 8 UNESCO sites and is part of a collection of 41 Great Sites in Occitania. Its central location is ideal for traveling to Carcassonne, Toulouse, Millau, Perpignan and Montpellier (-3 hours by car).

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